The History of Chill Out

Trading history

I entered the Mobiling trade after being made redundant from my maintenance manager’s job in January 1995 after receiving my £2000 redundancy money I bought my first van (a hard van) and started trading in April 1995.

In my previous job I travelled around leading holiday centres like Butlins in the UK and Ireland maintaining Go-Karts & children’s rides. It never ceased to amaze me how no one ever bothered about ice cream until the sun was cracking the flags; they would turn their equipment on after turning it off at the end of the previous season and expect everything to be OK.

With being born into the licensed trade I had previously worked for my parents in their pubs, I was used to and enjoyed working with and making people happy, I had never seen an ice cream van in Denbigh I thought I’d give it a go!

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This is me with my first van, a Bedford CF2 (Hard Van) (287kb) Me in my first season at a very quiet event :( Photo taken by Mark Atherton (56kb) This van took me to my new van i bought in July 2002 My first Soft Van.
This van was sold by Deeside Creameries to a guy in France, who returned it (55kb) And guess who bought it? (52kb) But after a lot of hard work it started to take shape (58kb)
It had stainless steel work tops that made the interior easy to keep clean (46kb) After it was repainted it started to look good (71kb) It took about three months from start to finish (48kb)
And when the rest of the sign writing was finished it looked realy COOL (53kb) It was visible for miles (64kb) And got to be known throughout North Wales (59kb)
After I bought my first computer in December 1999 I taught myself how to build a Web Site   (77kb) This Web Site now gets many visitors from all over the world (82kb) My new van, known world wide